About Me

I am an introvert. I am.

Maybe I don’t want to be, but I am. I spend my time with myself, at least within myself, in my own mind. I think about everything and I form opinions on everything. I have a lot of time to contemplate things, I suppose.

In high school, I received a superlative, which, for those of you who don’t know, is something that a graduating class will vote on, giving their peers titles such as “most likely to succeed,” “cutest couple,” or “biggest class clown.” Although I wasn’t very popular in high school (especially not toward the end of my time there), I did receive a superlative: Most Opinionated.

Actually, one other person received that same superlative since typically a male and a female will be selected for each one, but nevertheless, I was the first or second most opinionated person at my high school. This definitely wasn’t a surprise, in fact, I thought I’d get that superlative, assuming that I would get one at all. But was this something to be proud of, or was this an insult?

It was both.

I’m now a almost done with college, but I am constantly looking back to my time in high school. Maybe some people find this worrisome, or even pathetic, but this is what I must do. It helps me justify where I am in my life, an introvert with seemingly no social life or aspirations of that sort. I must look back to who I was in high school, a confident girl with so much drive and focus, to understand why I am not that person anymore. I must look back to understand my drastic personality changes, but I must also look back to understand what has stayed exactly the same: I am the most opinionated person that I know, for better or for worse. I chose to believe that this is what has caused me to become isolated in college without becoming lonely. I may not have friends here, but I have my beliefs and I have my values. When I have nothing else, I’ll at least have my opinions. Is that enough, or do you think I need more?


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